About Continuous Rewarding

People love gifts and rewards. It shows them that you care about them and pay particular attention to what they do. Companies understand that and have started rewarding their customers for their purchases. This has 2 limitations:

  • Company cannot reward everyone because it would be too expensive
  • Company stays quiet waiting for a customer action to reward him

All that can be improved. What if you could reward everybody, not only your customers, before they actually buy from you ? What about doing this without spending any money ? This is CONTINUOUS REWARDING.

Since social networks appeared in early 2000s and their rise in 2007, a new kind of people emerged and have now become major actors of any solid marketing strategy. They were grouped under the name "fans". Those people simply like your company for whatever reason and are willing to buy from you or refer you. They provide direct income for your company through their referrals and are a source of future income for you as they will certainly buy from you when all conditions are met (financial, geographic, etc.). They are actually some free sales and marketing agents, while being buyers also. You better keep them engaged with you.

The question is … How do you find them ? How do you reward them all without spending any money ? In a digital era, that is possible and this is where CONTINUOUS REWARDING comes into play.
CONTINUOUS REWARDING is about rewarding fans and customers daily without them even buying from you, and without you spending money. It's a rewarding program that continuously sends electronic rewards to your fans under the form of coupons that they collect up to a certain number to turn it into a real life gift.

It’s pretty simple:



Let's take an example to make it clear. Your company can create a "10% off" card that actually gives you 10% off on a purchase. One has to collect 100 of those coupons to have a real 10% off ticket. When joining your community on ikwen, he’s offered 20 free coupons. From times to times ikwen sends him 5 or 10 more coupons for free. If he buys online he gets 40 coupons. When all those reach 100 coupons it is turned into a real "10% off” that can be used to buy online. And the process starts over again.

Sounds interesting to you ? We guess yes. Create your CONTINUOUS REWARDING platform today on ikwen. You start by creating a Kakocase e-commerce website, then activate your Rewarding program and create your coupons. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Wilfried FUTCHEA Member since: Jan. 9, 2018
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