From Social Network to Daraja

Our world is changing fast.

With the rise of social networks, especially Facebook the world leader created in 2004, the Web 2.0 is has more and more influence in our daily lives. In 2007, Android OS deeply changed our use of internet. Nowadays, everybody is connected.



Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. people are constantly sharing information on just about everything. New idioms came up, showing how popular and credible those platforms are. For instance, on Twitter and Instagram, an person will know how big is his influence based on the number of “Followers” and “Likes”. On the other hand, on YouTube, one would use number of “views” as the unit measurement.

Social networks are slowly becoming the main source of information for about 66% of people between 18-24 years old and 43% of people above 55 years old according to Reuters Institute of Digital News Report 2019. Welcome to the world 5.0, the all-connected era.


Daraja, your major asset in the world 5.0

Daraja is the Cloud tool you need to get the best of the ongoing social revolution. Thanks to Daraja, you will be able to make real money from your digital influence.

Some useful definitions.

  • Daron : Company registered to the Daraja program
  • Dara : Online Sales Person making money out of clients he refers to Darons
  • Dar : Customer the Dara successfully refers to a company


With Daraja, a new approach is coming to you. If you are a company, become a Daron. If you are rather an individual, seize this opportunity to become a Dara and earn money from your digital influence. Daraja is the next step of evolution of our society and is coming to you for free today !

Dara, start your business here

You are already a Dara ? Congratulations !

Check the list of Darons that are waiting for you and become a “shareholder” for them now … If you can’t find company you were expecting, is perfect. As ikwen's Dara, you can get them on Daraja program, immediately make money for that, and next become their first Dara.


Leave a comment to tell us the name of companies you would like to see on Daraja and partnership with. We will help you get them there.

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